How to Create Evergreen Content as a Fashion Blogger

January 15, 2018

If you have stumbled on this post via Pinterest and are looking for my how to wear ankle boots post, click HERE. Somehow the wrong image has gotten linked to this post. Thank you!

This blog post is part two in a series I started about growing your pageviews via Pinterest. You can find my first post here. Today I’ll be talking about how to create evergreen content as a fashion blogger. Evergreen content is content that is essentially timeless. It will always be relevant. As bloggers this is what we always want to create so that our posts are useful now and years from now. This is the best way to ensure the most views!

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How To Create Evergreen Content as a Fashion Blogger

When I first started thinking about creating evergreen content as a fashion blogger it was very daunting to me. I felt like all I did was post outfits. How could I make posts that last in a industry where trends are the way to stay relevant? It sounded like a lot of work, but it turns out it is easier than I thought… sort of. I used my current content mixed with older content, added tips and text overlay images, and va-la! These posts always take me longer, but the pay off is worth it. Here are some examples:

Example #1 – Turn an Outfit Post into a How-To Series When You Style Something Again

I had a regular outfit post with yet another way I styled my gray jeans. I could have just posted the outfit as-is like I normally do. Instead, I rounded up the last 5 times I had worn them, linked them all, and created a text overlay pin. I called the post “6 Ways to Wear Gray Jeans.” Now, who knows if gray jeans will be around or popular in 10 years, but this post is much more interesting and long lasting that what would have just been a run of the mill outfit post that I was struggling to come up with a title for.

Example #2 – Turn an Outfit Post into a Helpful Tip

Everyone loves cardigans in the fall and winter, right? I had a regular post with a cardigan, and at the suggestion of a reader, made the post “How to Wear an Oversized Cardigan Without Looking Frumpy.” I added tips and pictures from other old posts where I was also wearing cardigans for examples.

Example #3 – Use Your Knowledge to Write on Something that Resonates with Everyone

As a lover of fashion, you are uniquely qualified to offer helpful advice on specific tops that others may struggle with. Think about something people search for often that you can help with, and write about it! I had considered writing a post about how to style ankle boots for a while, so when I decided to work on my Pinterest strategy this was the first thing that came to mind. To date How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans is my most popular post ever. It required the creation of no new content either. That is the nice part about some of these posts. While the writing and compilation took a while, I didn’t need any new photos. I used all old photos and as a bonus got to link to old posts too. Other similar examples are my posts “How to Create a Wardrobe that Lasts” and “What to Wear for Family Pictures.

Example #4 – Think Outside Your Exact Domain

I’m not a beauty blogger by any means, but I often get asked about my hair. At the beginning of last year, I wrote a post about how I curl my hair. Before I started this Pinterest plan I did all the things I have mentioned above (created evergreen content, made a text overlay, etc). The post was one of my top this year! I also recently did a LipSense review. This blog post is also an example. While these posts won’t ever be a regular content area for me, if there is something that is working in your life and would be beneficial – write about it!

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  • Reply C A M I January 15, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Thank you for the advice Amy, very helpful!

    My Vogue Style |

  • Reply Nina January 15, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Loved reading this post. Great ways to make evergreen content.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  • Reply Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom January 15, 2018 at 9:17 am

    I am loving this series of posts, very helpful! Going to pin this one as well. 🙂


  • Reply Jodie Filogomo January 15, 2018 at 9:05 am

    This is really smart, Amy Ann!! I need to spend some time working on this too!!

  • Reply Rachel McCarthy January 15, 2018 at 8:47 am

    I took a class a few months ago that talked about the importance of evergreen content and it’s so true. And definitely great for Pinterest! Thanks for sharing this, Amy Ann!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  • Reply Cheryl Tucker January 15, 2018 at 7:49 am

    This is such a great idea! I could do several posts like that! Have a great day!

  • Reply Rosanna Briguglio January 15, 2018 at 7:47 am

    Thanks for the tips and ideas, very interesting!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

  • Reply Gina Daily January 15, 2018 at 7:36 am

    Really great tips Amy Ann! I’ve enjoyed all of these posts individually and it’s been fun to see you branch out in your posting style and showcase your writing skills!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  • Reply Selinas Inspiration January 15, 2018 at 7:33 am

    So many helpful tips for us bloggers! Thank you for sharing them♥
    Selina | Selinas Inspiration

  • Reply Rach January 15, 2018 at 7:03 am

    This is so helpful Amy Ann! Definitely great tips!

  • Reply One Swainky Couple January 15, 2018 at 6:48 am

    Love these ideas!! Great examples.

    Katherine |

  • Reply Rachelle January 15, 2018 at 6:18 am

    That’s one of my goals this year because I already have so much content.


  • Reply Simone January 15, 2018 at 6:13 am

    Totally love your tips Amy! Such valuable information and a great roundup to create amazing content to your blog.

    xx Simone

    Little Glittery Box

  • Reply Gentry January 15, 2018 at 6:10 am

    Awesome post Amy and I love all your ideas! I definitely need to look at my content ideas with fresh eyes 🙂 thank you!

  • Reply Mica January 15, 2018 at 5:27 am

    These are good tips! I find my #30wears series posts always do so well, maybe I should get pinterest so I can pin them too! 🙂 I get good feedback on the how to wear tips at the bottom of every pst too, so I can try make every post a little more helpful than just an outfit 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week 🙂 We finally got some cooler weather after our weekend heatwave, so I’ve been enjoying that!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Reply Living on Cloud Nine January 15, 2018 at 5:20 am

    I love this girl and am pinning and saving it for reference! PS, I ordered 2 Lipsense colors from Jamie and love them! Happy Monday beautifu AND smart lady! xo

  • Reply Jenelle Witty January 15, 2018 at 3:49 am

    Yes! Such good tips! I know an article I posted on “how to wear denim shorts with heels and not look skanky” is something that has brought traffic to my site for years. haha, I can not believe I actually titled the article that way, but there you go! haha.
    xx Jenelle

  • Reply theblackblush blog January 15, 2018 at 3:41 am

    Great tips Amy! In fact every time I do A “top something” or a “how to style this” I get more views in that post! I think the engagement is a lot better when you’re sharing possible useful tips!

    The Black Blush

  • Reply Meagan Brandon January 15, 2018 at 2:20 am

    Great tips and all are so true! My ‘how to style blanket scarves’ post from a few years back gets the most views and now I just update it each year so it continues to be relevant.


  • Reply Publicist in Pearls January 15, 2018 at 1:44 am

    Such a useful post! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

    xo, Jennifer

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