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February 6, 2020

To our great joy and surprise, we are thrilled to share I’m PREGNANT! For 16 months, we’ve been praying and pursuing adoption wholeheartedly. We’ve filled out stacks and stacks of paperwork, gone through tests, and spent money listing with agencies, all the while begging God for a baby. He answered in the most surprising way! It is with extreme gratitude and awe we share our pregnancy announcement. Our Journey to Build a Family If you’re new here, we started trying…

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Infertility Round Two

August 10, 2018

Well friends, here we are. Infertility round two. Though we knew it might be a possibility we dared to hope we wouldn’t walk this road again. If you are unfamiliar with our story, you can read my original post about our infertility journey here, our pregnancy announcement here, and then Ivy Jean’s birth story here. Oftentimes with endometriosis a healthy pregnancy improves the chances of a natural one following. With consultation from our doctor, we began trying to have a…

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Ivy Jean’s Birth Story

November 30, 2016

As I type, I’m sitting in the NICU right next to Ivy Jean while she sleeps and stays warm in her isolette bed. Our precious girl is two weeks old today, and not a day has passed that we are not grateful for her life and humbled to be her parents. I wanted to thank you all for your support and share a little bit about her birth story. The day started out like any other. Russ and I woke up…

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We’re Having a Baby!

June 6, 2016

7 years married. 2 plus years of infertility. 1 round of IVF. 11 weeks pregnant with one perfect baby. We are overjoyed and so thankful God has entrusted us with this life. Happy anniversary, Russ. I cannot wait to see you be a dad. I was never a girl who grew up dreaming of being a mother. I’ve always been envious of those women. They seem to make something look easy that to me seems terrifying, beautiful, and messy all at the…

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January 2, 2016

Infertility. One word, yet somehow a mouthful. When Russ and I started trying to have a baby almost two years ago, I never imagined that word and my name would be in the same sentence. I had a hard time even saying it at first. Life is funny like that. Now after one surgery, six months of menopause inducing shots, clomid, folistem daily shots, a sharps container in my house, and too many blood tests to count, we are facing…

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