My journey to becoming a mother has been the farthest thing from what I expected starting with the road to having our daughter, Ivy Jean through IVF. I think the thing that has caught me the most off guard though is the complete and utter joy I have in being a mom. The love I feel is all encompassing. Nothing has been more fulling or more challenging. Nothing has taken more out of me, taught me, given me more, or called me higher. I’ve written a full post on how motherhood is more in every way, and you can read it here.

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Infertility and growing our family has been a huge part of our story. It shapes you in ways you never knew or expected when you were dreaming of your littles. If this something you are walking through too, I’m always happy to talk. I hope that our story can be of some encouragement to you. The God we serve is faithful and trustworthy even when the days are hard and the outcomes uncertain.

After we had Ivy Jean, we believed God had adoption for our family. My mom was adopted and it’s something we always believed would be a way we grew our family as well. You can read my full post about it here. We completed our home study and were 15 months into the process having heard no a heartbreaking 30+ times. We started to lose hope. Then in December of 2019, we found out I was pregnant without trying, tracking, or treatment – something we did not think was possible. It turns out God was growing our family and answering our prayers just in an entirely different way than we imagined. 

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