5 Ways to Style Spanx Leather Leggings

January 7, 2019

This embroidered floral tunic is one I have had for years! I actually styled almost this exact same look a little over two years ago when I was very pregnant. You can see it here. I wore it with leather leggings a lot while pregnant because hello comfort! The only difference in today’s look is that I added my leather jacket which I also posted Friday. I’ve seen some bloggers style this as a dress, but at 5’10” it is definitely too short for that on me. This got me thinking, I wear my leather leggings all the time! They have truly become a staple in my wardrobe. Why not round up 5 ways to style Spanx leather leggings.

You might be asking why the Spanx leather leggings? Well honestly, you can buy any. However, I really think the Spanx are the best quality and fit. Originally I had a much cheaper pair, and they were great too. I love how the Spanx hold me in though. I generally wear a size small and sized up to a medium for comfort. Part of this is due to my height, but it is also in part because I don’t like a super tight legging. The truth is you can wear leather leggings with anything you would wear normal leggings with. They just add a little different feel/edge. See below for some styling tips and ways I have worn mine.

5 Ways to Style Spanx Leather Leggings

5 Ways to Style Spanx Leather Leggings, post detailing 5 easy ways to style the ever popular Spanx leather leggings with examples on each type #spanx #leatherleggings #leggings #howto

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1. Wear with a long tunic style dressier top like my floral one.

  • Do look for a tunic that is longer than your bum to cover. Do look for any style tunic you would wear with black jeans or pants. It doesn’t have to be black like mine.
  • Do consider pairing with a black flat boot to visually make one, long leg line.

how to style leather leggings with a tunic top floral tunic top with leather leggingsall black outfit

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2. Go sporty! I wore the moto version of the Spanx leather leggings in this post with my Nike sweatshirt and sneakers for an off duty athleisure look. You can of course wear with a longer sweatshirt if you prefer to cover your bum or a t-shirt like I did in the second example.

  • Do pair with any of your favorite athleisure pieces! Sneakers are a perfect shoe.
  • Do consider fun layers!

how to style leather leggings for sporty lookhow to wear Spanx moto leggings for a sporty athleisure vibe

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3. Style with a poncho! Ponchos are by nature usually a little longer and bulkier, so they are the perfect thing to pair with a more slim bottom like a legging. A leather legging is a natural choice since a poncho is dressier. The leather keeps this feeling sleek. You can see the full post for this poncho outfit here.

how to style Spanx leather leggings with a poncho

4. Similar to a poncho or a tunic top, your favorite tunic style sweater is a perfect choice for leather leggings. For the first look, find exact sweater is here or the full post for this look is here.

  • Do look for tunic length sweaters vs a regular, shorter length sweater.
  • I added over the knee boots in my first look, but any would have worked as I did in the second example (sweater here)
  • Do consider layers and accessories. They are a fun addition!

how to style leather leggings with a tunic sweaterhow to style leather leggings with a tunic sweater

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5. Go casual! There are endless combinations of casual looks to try with a leather legging. They dress up the casual factor a bit and make me feel a little more put together. Here are several examples you could try.

  • Do look for a longer top as a base. I love the thermal in the first two photos below and the plaid in the last for leggings because both are long and cover!!
  • Do consider fun layers to make the outfit multi-dimensional like a vest, a moto jacket, or tying a shirt on your wait. Tying a shirt around your waist is an easy way to add coverage. A cardigan is always another great way to layer.
  • Do try different shoes. Sneakers, Ugg like boots, or really anything will work for these casual looks.

how to style Spanx leather leggings casually how to style Spanx leather leggings casuallyhow to style Spanx leather leggings casually

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