How to Mix Prints – 3 Easy Ways!

August 17, 2018

I recently posted a work outfit on my Instagram story that was a striped midi skirt with a striped blouse, and it got me thinking about print mixing. I love to wear prints together, and I think it can really make for an amazing outfit. Over the years I have gotten more and more comfortable with it as part of my regular dressing routine, so today I thought I would break down how to mix prints in 3 easy ways. These are the most common ways I mix prints in my own wardrobe and the best prints to mix and match in my opinion.

How to Mix Prints – 3 Easy Ways

Option 1 – Double Your Print

Whether using stripes on stripes or double floral, picking one print and wearing it on top and bottom is probably the most bold yet fun way to mix prints. I personally love the statement this makes! I have done it in the past here and even talked about why it works. The key here is either picking the exact same print (think a matching set) or the same print in different sizes that have coordinating colors. In my example below I am wearing double stripes. This works well because my stripes are different sizes yet tie together with the same blue tones.

how to print mix - double your print, stripes on stripes

Option 2 – Pair Two Different Prints

This is probably the more difficult option but can make for a great look. With a couple easy steps, pairing two different prints together can be a no-brainer. Some easy combinations are stripes and plaid or stripes and floral. In general, stripes are a great print to pick as part of a pairing. Start with a stripe and then pick a second print with one of those same colors to pair with it. In my example below, my stripes have blue and pink. This works perfectly with my floral raincoat because it has the same colors.

easy print mixing tips

Option 3 – Use Your Accessories as the Second Print

If print mixing with main pieces in your outfit isn’t your thing, consider using an accessory as a way to more subtly mix prints in your look. This is the easiest way to mix prints within a look without it being quite as in your face loud. Below I am wearing a gingham top with a leopard heel in look one and a striped top with a plaid scarf in look two. Having accessories with prints, whether shoes or scarves or bags, are a fun way to bring some life to your looks. I personally love a leopard shoe and have both a flat and a heel. It is almost as easy to work into an outfit as a neutral.

mix prints with your accessoriespost about how to easily mix prints

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