Print Mixing: Double the Stripes

May 4, 2018

Do you all like to print mix? Personally I am a huge fan, and I love pairing stripes together. Double the stripes, double the fun (or something like that…). But seriously, I love how the vertical stripes on these pants ($88) pair with the similarly hued horizontal stripes on this top ($55)! I wore this look to both church and work.

Clothing Details

Alone, these pants are amazing. I mean, how fun is the button front?! The vertical stripe is very flattering. I don’t know about you, but I love a culotte/wider leg pant. They are super versatile as they work for casual weekends or workwear unlike a regular jean might. The top is a light sweater material with a slight crop length. Both items run true to size for me and would be great styled on their own.

Why This Works

  1. The patterns have similar colors. They compliment without clashing.
  2. While the same pattern, the stripes go different directions and are different widths. Double polka dots is another fun mix with different size dots.
  3. Neither pattern is too bold.

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