5 Stay at Home Mom Outfits You Can Easily Wear

January 15, 2021

One of the things you all asked for on Instagram was practical outfits to wear as a stay at home mom or someone working from home – hello COVID! As someone who does a bit of both with a newborn in the mix, this is something that hits close to home for me! I won’t lie, there have been many days lately, especially when Jane was really little, that I have found myself still in the pjs I slept in at 1:00 pm. I actually like getting dressed, so I found my mental health starting to be affected. Clothes were just sitting in my closet unworn. I’ve really been making it a priority to get up and get dressed even if it is still in a comfy, practical, outfit. Below you will find 5 stay at home mom outfits you can easily wear. I also shared a reel on Instagram with a fun video of them all so you can get a better look!

A Matching Set

A matching set has been my go-to stay at home mom outfit lately. It requires zero thought, feels like pajamas, and looks put together. I can easily sit on the floor with the girls and have also gone in public with this on for coffee runs and school drop off (don’t judge!). This particular one is by Z Supply which is a long time favorite brand of mine. I’ve shared it over and over on the blog. It’s good quality, and they make awesome loungewear. This particular set if french terry which I really like though they have different materials. Shop the top and bottom.

Sweatshirt and Straight or Kick Flare Leg Jeans

I sweatshirt and straight leg jeans is my other go to combo when I want to be slightly more dressed up. Straight leg or kick flare jeans with stretch are the KEY here. I do not want to sit on the floor all day in skinny, tight jeans or all cotton jeans with no give. The two pairs shown below are actually both by LOFT. I have found their jeans to be super comfy and affordable. My exact first pair is from last year though they have similar options now. You might recognize the sweatshirt as the same one from above which is one of my favorite things about a matching set. Multiple uses!!

Joggers Outfit

I have been LIVING in my joggers. I crack up every time I do my laundry because I basically just wash every piece of loungewear/athleisure clothing I own. These are the Lululemon align joggers, and they are so worth it for me. They are super comfy and have worn so well. I like that they are not the sweatpant material because they feel dressier to me. I also like having a pair without a tie at the top for versatility of wearing things over the tie without a lumpy spot. I styled them here with a sweatshirt and puffer vest, but the options are endless.

Put Together Leggings

Let’s be honest, stay at home mom or not, we all live for our leggings. This is my all time favorite pair. They are high waisted, thick, and super flattering. I love styling them in a way that is super comfy yet still feels put together. It’s really easy to grab your favorite real t-shirt and tie it then layer a flannel or cardigan over it. It feels so much more put together than wearing a t-shirt you might sleep or workout in all day. Know what I mean? I am wearing a tall length in this flannel so it covers more as I am pretty tall.

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    I read this article. I think You put a great deal of exertion to make this article.

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    I’m loving it! These are all super cute!

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    Okay this is actually a BRILLIANT blog post! I love how simple all of these are, but they really do make you feel like you got “ready” which changes the mindset for the whole day!

    xo MK

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