Sooth and Wake Up Eyes with an Eye Mask

April 20, 2018

My eyes often looks puffy and tired. I don’t want to point any fingers, but I think it has something to do with one very adorable 17 month old. Can any of you other mamas relate?! Our recent bout with a 3 week long ear infection had us up multiple nights, and when it wasn’t that, it was something else. Or, if I am telling on myself, when I overindulge on the weekends in my favorite sweets and carbs (hello Mexican food!), my skin is the first to pay the price. Whatever the reason, my eyes are often the part that most needs a refresh. I recently was contacted by VIIcode Skin Care to try their eye mask. Sooth and wake up my eyes with an eye mask? Yes, please!

VIIcode’s O2M Oxygen Eye Mask is an 8-hour overnight treatment which makes it different than other sheet masks. The staying power really lets the mask sink into your skin. It is also a gel-like material as opposed to a cream you rub into your skin. You basically put the two pads under your eyes, go to bed, and wake up refreshed.

Mask Claims – True or False?

  • Skin is instantly refreshed. – I can say that this claim is true. The skin under my eyes was refreshed.
  • Minimize visible signs of aging around eyes. – I cannot really say weather or not this is true or false as I don’t have significant lines around my eyes yet.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively. – Same as above.
  • Instantly moisturize and soothe delicate under eye area. – I can also say that this is true. My skin felt moisturized and overall less tight. I felt the puffiness was reduced.


Overall, I enjoyed using this mask. It feels instantly refreshing when you apply it. The first time I used it, I put it pretty close to my eyes. I realized I put it too close and ended up finding it uncomfortable. As I blinked and moved my eyes, I felt the mask. The next time I used it, I moved it slightly farther down and found it much more comfortable. Similarly, the first time I tried to use the mask, I tried to sleep it in as it was designed. It was not uncomfortable by any means, and it did not come off my face. I just personally found I didn’t like sleeping in it. This is the first mask of the kind I have tried, and I guess I just don’t like sleeping in things. What I did instead was wear it over the weekend morning for 4 hours or in the evening as soon as I got home from work until I went to bed. This means I didn’t get quite 8 hours in, but I did still find it effective.

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