80s Inspired – Fall Trends

September 7, 2018

Everything 80s Inspired for Fall

The 80s called, and I answered! Seriously though, from the small shoulder pads in this amazing striped sweater (c/o) to the large buckle on these high waisted pants (c/o), everything in this outfit is 80s inspired, and I LOVE it! If you caught my post covering fall trends, I mentioned that you were going to see the return of the 80s in a lot of ways. The color lavender is also big which makes these pants extra fun. They can be worn so many ways including to work which makes them a major score in my book.

Another way you will see the nod to the 80s is in jewelry. Think big, chunky bracelets, enamel earrings like these fun hoops I just got, and more. So what do you think? Are you into it? I never thought I would wear shoulder pads, but I actually love these. They are small and give my shoulders some flattering definition. If I hadn’t told you they were there, would you have even noticed?

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80s Inspired Outfit for Fall

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