An Honest LipSense Review + My Favorite Colors

December 27, 2017

I shared on my Instagram stories that I have been wearing almost exclusively LipSense lately and asked if anyone would be interested in a post about my experience. Almost 80% of you said yes, so I am here today to deliver an honest LipSense review from a non-seller point of view. It’s hard to link the products on blog posts and my Instagram photos, so I figured this would be easier.

Why Do I Personally Like LipSense?

I’ve never been a huge beauty person though that is changing slightly of late, so I didn’t bother much with lipstick on a regular basis. This was mainly due to two reasons. Reason one is that I found it annoying to have to reapply it throughout the day to maintain the color and/or not end up with a ring of color on the outside of my lips while the inside wore off. Reason number two is that I found it drying. As a person who prefers the feel of lip gloss/chapstick, I could just never find a lipstick that was moisturizing and would stay.

LipSense comes in two stages. You apply the color first (in three coats), and it is essentially lip paint. It is meant to last all day, and from my experience it really does. The second stage is the gloss, and the two combined solved my issues. The color stays all day and feels like wearing lip gloss. I have found that the darker colors stay better than some of the lighter colors.

Pros of LipSense

  • As mentioned above, the color lasts all day.
  • The main pro for me is that is feels like wearing lip gloss.
  • The gloss is moisturizing.
  • LipSense is not tested on animals nor does it have any animal products, and it is all made in the USA.

Cons of LipSense

  • It is expensive. To start you need at least one color and one gloss which are roughly $25 each, so you pay $50 to get started. The pro to this is that the color will last a long time because you only need to apply it once a day. I go through the gloss much faster than the color.
  • I have friends who do not like LipSense because they prefer the feel of regular lipstick. For me, as mentioned above, I love it for the opposite reason. It feels like gloss.
  • Some people say it burns when you apply it or that it drys out their lips at first. This is due to the alcohol in the color which is included to help keep bacteria from growing in the product. However, I did not have either of these experiences. I’m sure it depends on your lips.
  • I have also had friends who have drier lips and they say that it doesn’t apply well on them because of the flakes on their skin. Again, I have not had this experience.

How Do You Buy LipSense?

LipSense is sold through independent consultants. Originally I decided to give it a try because one of my friends at church was selling it. I really like and respect her, and I figured if she was selling it it had to be decent. I thought it was worth a shot to try one color to see if it lived up to the hype. Now I own seven colors…. If you are interested in purchasing, I highly recommend Jamie – you can contact her through her Facebook page or by email at She is also running a 15% off sale through the end of the year, so it’s a great time to try it out. And no, this is not sponsored.

My Favorite LipSense Colors


Blu Red

Dark Pink

Kiss for a Cause

Lexi Bear-y


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