The Best Nursing Bras Review

September 4, 2020

I asked on my Instagram stories last week for recommendations on supportive nursing bras. From what I had tried, things were severely lacking in this area. I was surprised to have all but one response say something to the effect of, “Will you share what you find out because I am wondering the same thing?” This lead me to find the best nursing bras and work on a review for you all.

I've found the nursing bra arena to be lacking in function and comfort, so today I have rounded up the best nursing bras including a full review of soft, wireless options and underwire for more support.

The Best Nursing Bras – Non-Underwire, Soft Style

I wanted to break my review down into two categories, non-underwire and underwire. When we got home from the hospital and really while I have just been at home nursing, I have wanted a soft but supportive bra to wear. Days blur into nights in the early newborn stage, and I have wanted something I could wear during the day and sleep in since I am nursing round the clock.

Top Recommendation

After trying several brands, my number one recommendation is the Kindred Bravely that I first posted about here. You can buy it on Amazon here or on their website here. If you use their website, you can use my code AMYANN20 for 20% off your order!

The reason I like it so much is because it is soft, comfortable, and supportive. Of all the soft style bras, this is the one I have found to be the most supportive. I think this might be because it is technically labeled a sports bra. In my opinion the racer back actually helps with support because it doesn’t ride up as easily.

Budget Friendly Option

I know the Kindred Bravely bra is more expensive, so I looked for a budget option and found this three pack on Amazon for $35! They were recommended by another blogger. Though I don’t like them as well as the Kindred Bravely, they are good. I’ve tried several, including ones I had during my first nursing experience, and these are second best. They are soft material and lined with a removable cup. I personally like having the removable cup myself.

The Best Nursing Bras – Underwire

I was really looking for a real bra to support and make me feel more like my pre-pregnancy self which for me means underwire. My chest is large enough, especially while nursing, I really need the extra support. I found two options with one being my favorite simply for more size options. The first is Rosie Pope via Shopbop. They have a great line of nursing and postpartum essentials.

The second is another I found via a blogger recommendation and that is Natori via A Pea in the Pod. I was thrilled to find them on major sale all for around $15 (originally $60+)!! I love that these have so many size options. My only complaint is that I do wish the material/cups were a little softer.

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