Rachel Parcell Collection Dress

December 24, 2018

I am not going to lie you all, I was a little giddy when I checked my Instagram and saw I had a message from the Rachel Parcell Collection account. I have long followed and admired blogger Rachel Parcell for how she has built a blog and brand while staying true to herself and her family. She and her sisters all just seem to really value family and genuinely enjoy each other. They invited me to select a Rachel Parcell Collection dress from the holiday line all of which I think are gorgeous! If you have followed for a while, you may remember that I purchased a couple myself over the summer and loved them.

I looked them all over and decided on the Parisian Plum Dress. I am such a sucker for lace, and I just loved the plum color. It is truly amazing quality with a great fit. I ordered the small, so I would say it is true to size. It arrived in the most gorgeous pink packaging with a note signed by Rach. Now, I do not know if she actually wrote the note because I know she is so busy, but I am just going to think she did. I squealed and totally had a fan girl moment. Either way, I am incredibly grateful for the dress, the chance to see a blogger I admire succeed, and to work with her line. So much fun!

Merry almost Christmas you all! We arrived in Alabama late Friday night/early Saturday morning after driving into the night with Ivy Jean. We figured that was best for her so she would sleep most of the way instead of being trapped in her car seat awake the whole time. She’s just at such an active age! It went surprisingly well all things considered. We don’t really watch any TV with her, so we brought lots of coloring things, activities, etc. for her awake time. We also talked about it in advance a good bit. I love this site for helpful kid related tips, and they posted a really good article about holidays with kids. Let me know if you all are ever interested in more blog posts about mom/family life.

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Rachel Parcell Collection Dress – Parisian Plum

Rachel Parcel Holiday Collection Pices

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