The Best Stuart Weitzman OTK Dupes

October 22, 2018

If you caught my Instagram stories recently, I shared this awesome long duster cardigan and this t-shirt. I love a good long cardigan, and the color of this one is the perfect tan in my opinion. I find dark tans or ones that tint more yellow to be too harsh. I also love a longer length cardigan. To me, they are more flattering. When they hit on the hip, it just widens that area. I think no matter your height you can wear long cardigans as long as they hit just below your knee to mid-calf. They can be a really fun look for fall and also really warm.

This t-shirt is incredibly soft! Like, really really soft. I had a gift card to Banana Republic that I used for both my cardigan and t-shirt. I loved the shirt so much, I also bought it in olive. I’m all about pieces like this I can wear alone and also easily layer. I liked the thin white stripes too.

The Best Stuart Weitzman OTK Dupes

Also, I want to clarify something I got a question about last week. My exact boots are Stuart Weitzman from two years ago. I saved, used a credit I had, and splurged, and I have never looked back. I rarely do that, but they are one of the best purchases I have ever made. Though I am not sure why because I love this style, he hasn’t made the same one again. I’m linking a very similar option that I actually just ordered from Amazon and tried for only $99. I did an Instagram story comparison Sunday afternoon that you can still watch here (saved to my highlights under “dupes”). They are the closest thing I have ever found to the true Stuart Weitzman boots and come in multiple colors in both a flat and heeled version. I was shocked at how close they are, truly the best Stuart Weitzman OTK dupes I have ever seen.

The Best Stuart Weitzman OTK Dupes long duster cardigan over jeans and a t-shirttan duster cardigan paired with grey neutral fall layered lookfall layers with over the knee boots the best stuart weitzman over the knee dupes, stuart weitzman over the knee copies

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