The Best Jeans for Tall Girls

September 5, 2018

I have a denim obsession. There, I said it. I love jeans! Jeans and boots are my closet weakness. I always think I need a new pair and find ways of justifying it. My quest for the perfect pair of jeans never ends.

As someone who has suffered through jeans shopping for the majority of my life, I feel like I am uniquely qualified to write about the best jeans for tall people. Middle school was an especially awkward time, but then again what about middle school isn’t awkward?? That was back before I realized how much I love my height and before jeans started coming in more inclusive lengths. Hallelujah! Over the years, I have discovered brands and styles of jeans that work really well on me. As requested on Instagram, today I am dishing on it all, including various price ranges and styles. An important note: I’m 5’10” tall.

The Best Jeans for Tall Girls

the best jeans for tall girls - options in all price ranges and styles

Skinny Designer Denim

I ventured into designer denim early on in some ways out of necessity, and part of me wishes I hadn’t. It spoils you. Before more brands starting carrying long inseams, designer brands were the only ones with 29+ inch inseams. My two favorite pairs of skinny jeans I own are Citizens of Humanity Rocket Skinny Jeans (first picture below) and Rag and Bone (second picture below). The Citizen pair are the best, classic skinny. To be completely transparent, I bought them both as part of my Shopbop partnership and used my credit. I know these are a splurge. They are great jeans though. I have had them for a while now and both wear well.

Skinny Mid-Price Denim ($75-$130)

My favorite non-designer denim is by Madewell. Though non-designer, it is still pricey. I recommend waiting for a sale and taking advantage of their jeans recycling program. You can bring in an old pair of jeans (any style, even your hubby’s) and receive $20 off. By taking advantage of sales and the program, they are more affordable. They come in 4 inseams: petite, regular, tall, and taller. I have one pair in regular length ($75, first pic below) and one in long (second pic).

Skinny Affordable Denim ($20-$45)

Beyond Madewell, my other favorites are Express and Old Navy. Express has inseam offerings, but their regular inseam is actually pretty long! My gray pair pictured below is from Express. They offer a wide range of color/wash options too. I do find them to have more stretch than I sometimes want (more of a jegging). I include them in the affordable category because although they are usually $88 (or so), I have never seen them full price. They are almost always half off or buy one get one $19.99. Don’t pay full price! My white pair I wear nonstop is from Old Navy. They offer both a regular, tall, and long. I ordered the tall because it was all they had in my size and actually had to cut them because they were too long.

Non-Skinny Options

Tall frames are uniquely able to pull off all types of jean styles. If you haven’t branched out from a basic skinny jean let me be the first to encourage you to try it! I love having a cropped flare, a culotte, and a straight leg option in my closet. These styles are especially fun for the warmer months as they are looser and not full length, i.e. cooler. They pair perfectly with a sandal. They also lend a fun, casual vibe to a look that you just cannot get with a skinny fit. I actually tend to reach for these the most when I am in “mom” mode as they are looser and easier to move in with Ivy Jean. My straight pairs transition well into fall with an ankle boot. I have this style from designer brands to more affordable options, but Levi’s is really a go-to for this style. Look for something that hits a couple inches above your ankle. Exact links above to everything but the cropped flares. Told you I had a denim problem…

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