Pink Peplum Top

May 30, 2018

I have been on a bit of a pink kick lately. It started with the fun pink slides I bought that seem to go with everything adding the cutest bit of color. Then I got these adorable pink earrings (only $13). When I got this new pink peplum top, I just went for it and styled multiple pinks together. The top is one size fits all and has a bit of a linen feel. The combo made it a little boxier than expected on me, but it’s still really cute with the hem being a little longer in the back. My bag is older, but a long time favorite of time. I found the exact one is a brighter pink here.

pink peplum top with white jeans and pink accessories pink on pink, styling pink togetherpink peplum top with white and pink accentsdifferent shades of pink toegther

Pink Peplum Top

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