Off Duty Cool: Ruffled Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt

November 6, 2017

Who else struggles with looking cool while casual? I feel like I can do dressy and I can do dress-casual, but just casual I am not very good at. Enter this one shoulder ruffle sweatshirt. Off duty cool done right. Moms everywhere can now look cool and it doesn’t matter if spit up ends up on this because you can throw it in the wash just like a t-shirt or regular sweatshirt. Heck yes.

Unfortunately everyone else thought the same thing, and this exact one sold out before I could post it. Boo! I just hate it when that happens. I am linking some other really great sweatshirt options below. I’m thinking this could become a real thing in my wardrobe.

I wore this when we had some friends over the other weekend. This particular set of friends doesn’t have kids yet, so they came over for dessert and drinks after Ivy Jean went to bed. Or so we thought… She unusually woke up about 30 minutes after going to bed. I think she just wanted to join the fun (Lord help us, I think we have an extrovert on our hands. This coming from two introvert parents). Thankfully I wasn’t worried about switching to mom mode in this top, and we had fun even with our littlest guest. 😉

Off Duty Cool: Ruffled Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt

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