Gorgeous Spring Dresses

April 29, 2024

I shared another fun reel with some gorgeous spring dresses and outfits for mommy and me on my Instagram with Shop the Mint. You can catch the reel here and my last post here. It has been really fun to do these with Ivy Jean, and I hope you all have enjoyed them as well!

Ombre Maxi Dress

This ombre maxi dress is my favorite of everything I am sharing. It is just so fun and unique. The colors in it are gorgeous, and it is really well made. True to size. It is selling out fast, so I am hoping for a restock.

Short Floral Dress

How cute is this short floral dress?! I love the swing style and colors in the print. It’s the perfect spring dress. I love the ruffle detail on the shoulders.

Matching Floral Dresses

My dress is a cute print with red floral, and I love how Ivy Jean’s in kind of the inverse print of mine. Shop the Mint really has so many fun prints and styles of dresses if you are looking for anything!

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