2022 Spring Family Photos

May 6, 2022

Where to start with this post?? It’s been a while since I shared a true update on either of my sweet girls, and I love having them here in black and white on the blog to look back on over the years. A diary of sorts of their amazing lives and how they have changed mine. When Makenzie reached out and offered a photo session, I jumped at the chance. If you’re local to Tulsa and looking for a family photographer, be sure to check out her work!

Jane Evelyn at 21 Months

Oh my Janie girl. There is so much to say about you. You are just what our family needed. I last wrote your one year post here. Looking back at it fills me with joy. Not a whole lot has changed. We call you spicy around here. You are known for your scowl which you readily give to strangers or when things are not going the way you like. You are still super verbal. Your current favorite phrases are, “hold it,” “see ya,” “please mommy,” “kay,” ‘yeah,” and “uppa.” You still call coloring E-O which we cannot figure out, but it makes us laugh. However, your all time favorite word is “yay-yay” which is what your call your sister. Every time you wake up from a nap you wait for her to come jump in your crib with you before you will allow me to get you out.

You love to read. It is one of the only times you sit still, so you better believe I capitalize on that a lot. Your favorite foods are oranges, mac and cheese, hummus, yogurt, and queso which you will eat as much of as well will give you. When you see one of them you often say, “yay!” Clearly you fit right in around here. You know you are funny too. You stick your bottom in the air and say, “moon ya” sometimes and just laugh! I have no idea where you got that… Recently you also threw all the markers out of the middle storage area of your tiny table so you could crawl on top of it and sit there instead just grinning at me. I thank God for all the smiles you give me Jane Evelyn. I pray you live your life with this same joy for the rest of your days.

Ivy Jean at 5.5

Ivy Jean you amaze me daily. Before Easter I realized I should probably teach you a little about Palm Sunday. Much to my surprise you said, “I know about that, mommy” and proceeded to tell me the whole biblical story of when Jesus enters Jerusalem. My eyes were full of tears by the end. Yesterday you came down from rest time having drawn the whole Daniel Tiger family so realistically. Recently you saw your teacher from last year and her new baby. That night out of the blue you said, “mommy, I am just thinking about Mrs. ____ and her baby. Seeing them made me so happy!” Your creativity, imagination, intelligence, and thoughtfulness at such a young age blow me away. I truly love being with you. I feel like I blinked and you are no longer so little. It’s hard for me to believe you will be in kindergarten this fall.

You are truly the best big sister I could ever imagine. Sometimes Jane Evelyn pulls your hair or something of the like, and I have never once seen your retaliate. You help me by saying, “we have kind hands in this house Jane” even if it has really hurt you. I could cry just typing it because my heart overflows with pride and love for you. Being a little sister myself, I know she will benefit from your love all the days of her life and you her. I pray the two of you are best friends until the end of your days.

Thank You

Thank you all for following along not just with my fashion but also with my precious family. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who mothers whether in actuality or in action. You are changing the world one life at a time.

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    You have such a beautiful family. These photos are lovely!

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    Happy Mother’s Day Amy Ann! Your girls are just beautiful! Love seeing their sweet faces and watching them grow!

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