Best Amazon Embellished Headband

April 8, 2022

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, then you know I have been on a major hunt for cute comfortable headbands. I opened up a little on this post and shared that postpartum my hair was in rough shape. Super thin and unhealthy. Honestly a source of insecurity for me. I ended up putting my extensions back in for some thickness as I naturally have really thin hair. It started a journey of really trying to nurture my hair back to life which meant buying some non-drugstore hair products for really the first time in my life, using less hairspray, and trying to cut back on the heat some. As someone who has never loved myself with my hair in a ponytail because I felt like it only emphasized my thin hair and larger forehead, this lead my to headbands! I’m hoping to share favorites as I post them in case you love them too starting with the best Amazon embellished headband.

Comfort is key for me as I have migraines and wearing a headband often exacerbates them. It’s been hard for me to find headbands that I can wear all day that do not end up feeling uncomfortable.

Best Amazon Embellished Headband Here

I actually took to Instagram stories to ask you all for recommendations. The top recommended headbands were actually the more expensive Lele Sadoughi designer headbands. I actually splurged and purchased one of the more affordable ones with some birthday money. You’ve seen it here. I LOVE it! I’d be happy to do a full review on it if you’re interested. Another reader recommend this Amazon embellished headband, and though she hadn’t purchased it I had seen it floating around as a more affordable dupe for the Lele headbands. And for just $25, I thought it was worth a try! It comes in 6 colors, but I opted for the green. The beading and flowers are sown on, and it is really good quality. Mine did not ship prime, but they look to be right now.

As far as comfort goes, this is not as comfortable as my Lele headband. It is more comfortable than any of the other ones I have tried from Amazon, Target, etc. I paired it with this adorable Madewell top with the scalloped collar, my white jeans, and my favorite Amazon mules.

Sharing all about the best Amazon embellished headband plus the detail on this cute top. Click to read more!
Are you looking for a comfortable and cute headband? Then you'll want the details on the best Amazon embellished headband!
Are you looking for a comfortable and cute headband? Then you'll want the details on the best Amazon embellished headband!

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