The Best Baby Gear Worth the Money

September 18, 2020

Are you pregnant or considering having a baby? Or maybe it has been a while since your first baby and you’re having another now. Things change quickly in the baby world! That is what Russ and I found as we had Jane almost four years after Ivy Jean. We were so fortunate to have friends and family help us out as we discovered the best baby gear worth the money. These are the top three baby gadgets that will make your life easier!

Are you pregnant or considering having a baby? Or maybe there is a gap between your two children like there was for us. Things change quickly in the baby world! So I'm sharing the best baby gear worth the money. These are the top three baby gadgets that will make your life easier!

#1 – The Owelet Smart Sock, $299

When it comes to the best baby gear worth the money, the Owelet Smart Sock is my number one choice. If you are only able to buy or ask for one expensive thing, this would be my recommendation! With technology to detect both your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level, this sock will give you peace of mind for a good night of sleep. It connects to a base station that uses wifi to connect to an app on your phone. The smart sock goes on your baby’s foot and has a safe zone for both heart and oxygen levels alarming when needed. No more waking up or sneaking in to check if your baby is still breathing. You can check the app at any time to see your child’s exact numbers. After starting in the NICU and actually hearing the monitors alarming for these very reasons, this sock has been a true anxiety reducer for me with Jane. Russ and I were fortunate enough to have this gifted to us by my parents as our baby shower gift.

#2 – The Baby Brezza Formula Maker, $199

The Baby Brezza Formula Maker is amazing!! It’s essentially a Keurig for formula. It spits out the perfectly portioned and warm formula bottle every time. Since transitioning to formula (full story on my postpartum Instagram highlight), it has truly been a lifesaver. We did not have it with Ivy Jean, and what I would have given to go back in time and buy it. A friend of mine who had twins actually gifted it to us when they finished with it. Having used it now, I would easily fork over the cash to buy it.

#3 – The Halo Bassinet, $229-$329

If you are looking for a baby bassinet, I highly recommend the Halo Bassinet. It swivels completely around allowing you to put it right beside your bed. I am able to wake up at night, get Jane out to feed without getting out of bed, and swivel it to get out myself without having to move the actual bassinet base. The side of it easily folds down to put her back in as well.

There are several different models to choose from with different features. One of my dear childhood friend let us borrow their bassinet. It has the vibrate, light, and music options. Personally we have not really used these as we know it may make the transition to the crib harder. The options you prefer make the price vary. Personally, I have found this bassinet to be everything we could need and would not want to spend the extra money for the Snoo.

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