Build an Easy Outfit out of Your Favorite Closet Staples

November 19, 2018

I wore this look recently, and thought it was a fun one to share here. Nothing new but these are staple pieces I wear a lot in real life in various combinations. It is so easy to build an easy outfit out of your favorite closet staples: aΒ black cardigan, a striped t-shirt, a great non-distressed pair of skinny jeans, my favorite flat black boots, and a tan scarf. It is essentially two looks in one – just add a cardigan. I wore it once with just the t-shirt and once with the cardigan. I love fall and winter for this reason. So many easy outfit combinations like this! You could create a totally different outfit by layering a different colored cardigan and/or changing up your shoes.

This is the type of thing I love to wear with Ivy Jean. Super functional (flats and a t-shirt) but still really put together and easy.

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Build an Easy Outfit out of Your Favorite Closet Staples

two complete outffits by just adding a cardiganeasily switch up your wardrobe by layering different thingsblack cardigan, black ans white striped shirt, black booties, camel colored scarf easy outfit combination with all the basics in your wardrobeeasily create two outfits by layering a cardigan over your favorite striped t-shirt build an easy outfit our of your favorite closet staples

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