Beautiful Green Mini Dress + Why I Bought an Apple Watch

November 5, 2018

You all, I am obsessed with this beautiful green mini dress! You may remember I shared that ruching was going to be a trend this fall in new ways. Well, I love the ruched detailing on the top part of this dress. It is so flattering. I also love how the bottom drapes and falls. It’s so perfect now and would also be a great holiday party option in the gorgeous green shade with the redish flowers. I paired it with my over the knee boots.

Why I Bought an Apple Watch

I also thought I would share why I bought an Apple Watch. I asked you all a while back on Instagram about it, and many of you weighed in about your experiences. Most of you loved them. After a lot of consideration, I decided to get one. I have really been so happy with my purchase. Lately I have been trying to be more aware of how much time I spend on my phone, especially in front of Ivy Jean. We live in such a technological age. I fear, unless I am cognizant of it, I can default to screen time without even realizing it. I want to be present with her. I don’t want her to grow up with a mom too focused on her phone, and I am afraid I am guilty of this too often.

That’s where the watch comes in. I would often carry my phone around with me thinking I needed it in case someone called or texted. Then I would pick it up and get sucked in. Now, I try to purposely leave it in another room knowing I can get calls and texts on my phone if it is a true emergency. I also love that on the rare date I get with Russ, I don’t have to have my phone out to make sure I don’t miss a text from the babysitter. The same goes for a work meeting. Lastly, I love that it tracks my steps/activity. I really think I have been more aware of my activity levels with it.

Screen Time

Since hearing a particularly impactful sermon series at our church about being well, Russ and I have been having a lot of conversations. The series addressed multiple topics, one of which was our tendency to escape life through screens. As a blogger, I spend a lot of time on a screen. While this cannot be avoided, and I don’t want to feel bad about it, I can put limits in place and be aware in order to do it in a healthy way. Since the new iPhone update that tracks your screen time came out, Russ and I have been trying to check our time regularly. We both kind of know what is good/healthy for us and where we should be. We also set a screen time limit from 5:15-7 which is during our key family time at night. This helps us be present with each other.

I will say, I have been shocked at how hard this is for us and how much time we total on our phones! Have you done any screen time checking with the new update? Is screen time something that is on your radar?

beautiful green mini dress with ruching and layered hembeautiful green mini dress with ruching and layered hem - perfect for the holidays beautiful green mini dress with over the knee boots green mini dress with flowers perfect for holidaysgreen mini dress with v back detail gorgeous green dress with over the knee boots and v back Beautiful Green Mini Dress with Over the Knee boots - perfect for holiday party attire

Beautiful Green Mini Dress

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