How to Tie a Scarf in a Flattering Way

September 26, 2018

Let’s talk scarves – specifically how to tie a scarf in a flattering way. I personally love scarves! But like any layer, they can add bulk. Scarves can be especially tricky if you are already well endowed for lack of better phrasing.

Buy For Your Body – Not What is Trendy

Honestly, my best tip if this is your case is to consider the scarf and buy the right one for you. Like anything in fashion, buying the right thing for your body is most important when it comes to looking your best. This particular leopard scarf is great because the material is super lightweight. It’s easy to loop like this without getting too thick. I know blanket scarves are all the rage, and don’t get me wrong, I love them. But they are called blanket scarves for a reason. You are basically wearing a blanket. This doesn’t always translate to flattering. Instead, you can opt for a plaid scarf that isn’t blanket variety. There are options! My two best tips are:

  1. Do not get it too close to your chin – show some neck/skin.
  2. Tie it in a way that your whole frame isn’t lost – Show your shape behind your scarf.

Together these two things visually keep your shape even while wearing your scarf.

how to tie a scarf in a flattering way - easy tips on wearing a scarf


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How to Tie a Blanket Scarf

Having said all of that, as I mentioned, I do love a blanket scarf. They can really make an outfit and also add great warmth during the winter. I think there are ways to tie them that are better than others. One of the keys in my opinion is not having it too close to your face/neck. It kind of looks like it’s choking you, ha!

  1. Blanket scarves are typically a square, so fold it in half making a triangle shape. Put the triangle in front of you point down and wrap the ends back, looping them around.
  2. Once you have the ends back around they should be in front of you and on the left and right of the triangle point but underneath. Some people like to tie/tuck them under the point in the front. I prefer to leave them out on the sides. Otherwise I think it makes a funny point. It’s really a personal preference I guess.
  3. Just fluff it around a bit until you get it the way you like. Remember to pull down the top loop so that it is not too close to your chin.
  4. The other option is to wrap it again like this creating an infinity scarf.

When in Doubt, Try it Out

Okay, that was a cheesy rhyme. It’s true though! I ordered the scarf below during the Nordstrom sale. Originally I tied it as shown on the pictures online and didn’t like it (seriously – look at the picture online and see how big it is!!). It overwhelmed my fame which is saying something because I am tall. I switched it up to how you see it below and loved it! I’ve never looked back, and it remains one of my favorite purchases.

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