How to Wear a Headscarf – Trying the Hair Accessory Trend

June 29, 2018

I have been wanting to try out the hair accessory trend for some time now. It just adds such a fun vibe to a look! I have a scarf at home that I tried rolling up and tying in my hair. I’ll spare you a photo, but let’s just say I did not look cute. It was just too big and the end result resembled dog ears. Ha! For a while I thought the trend just wasn’t for me. After seeing more and more cute photos of others, I was determined to make it work.

Enter this skinny scarf. It’s just one thin band made to be worn tied in your hair or around your neck without all the extra material. It fit perfectly around my head with just the right amount left out to tie. I was so excited to find it! I loved the royal blue with the light blue in my top and the fun pop of yellow in my earrings. Amazing what accessories can do for a look!

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How to Wear a Headscarf and Other Hair Accessories

  1. I recommend getting a skinny scarf like I did. It makes tying it like a headband so easy! It also was super comfortable and light weight to wear.
  2. You can also do a half up bun and tie your scarf around your bun or a messy full bun. Emily Gemma does it so well here and here for examples. I have hair envy of everyone who can do this with their long hair! I’m planning to try the half up option soon.
  3. I am linking a ton of fun options below for you, but you can also buy pre-made bow scrunchies to make adding a bow to your bun super easy!
  4. Consider a full headband like I wore here at the beach. I actually loved having this at the beach to keep the hair out of my face when it was windy. It’s perfect for any summer day outside.

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    Beautiful Images Amy!! It’s amazing how much fun this cute hair accessory trend can bring to a look!

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