Fun Tank + 3 Impactful Books in 2018

June 22, 2018

Is this not the most fun tank ever?! The embroidery, the tie sleeves, the peplum hem, and the gingham all add to the fun. Plus, it is only $9. Yes, please. I just don’t think you can beat that. I am wearing my normal size, but I could have honestly worn one up and still been comfortable. I styled it with my new jean obsession. They are a splurge for sure, but I have such a hard time finding a pair of jeans that have the boyfriend look without being too baggy. Know what I mean? These are still flattering while being exactly what I am looking for.

Cute Tank

You may have noticed I have been sharing a few more personal tidbits here and there. I’ve read a couple really impactful books this year. More than just fun reads that I enjoyed – these are books that have left a mark on me in a couple different areas, so I thought it was worth sharing.

3 Impactful Books in 2018

1. Parental Growth – Peaceful Parent, Happy Kid

This book has really made an remarkable impact on how I see my role as a parent, and honestly, how I see Ivy Jean’s role as a learner and discover of her own environment which helps me understand and have patience with her. It starts by saying that much of parenting and positive interactions with our children is learning to first regulate our own emotions. Wow, have I found that to be true. If I can learn to stop and regulate my own emotions first, I can respond to whatever I need to with Ivy Jean from a much better place. It also talks a lot about parenting from a place of connection first and responding with empathy. It doesn’t advocate for dismissing limits but helped me understand how to respond within the parameters in a way that still fosters connection and emotional intelligence. There is also a website, Aha Parenting, written by the author that is really helpful. Easily searchable in manageable chunks of info.

All in all, it has made Russ and I think a lot about the kind of parents we want to be and created good discussion about parenting. I realized, if I am not actively thinking about those things they are passively happening without my forethought, and that is not how I want it to happen. Parenting is a lot of work, whew.

2. Spiritual Growth – The Good and Beautiful God

I learned about this book through my church. It is book one in a three part series designed to walk individuals and groups through life with God. This book specifically focuses on the narratives we believe about God and whether or not they are true based on the God Jesus reveals through the Bible. Having grown up in the Christian faith, it was really interesting to read this book and still learn things I had wrong, even in small ways, that largely impacted how I view God. I recommend it for people in all places of faith or even those who are apathetic to faith as it, in my opinion, accurately portrays the God of the Bible who I believe in and want to walk with.

3. Personal Growth – The Enneagram

The enneagram is, in short, a personality test. While it has roots in Christianity, it is not what I would consider Christian and definitely applies to people of all walks of life. I began studying it, found my type, and have since listened to podcasts as well (this one is amazing!). The podcast has actually been the most helpful. It has truly been eye opening to me. While I have done other similar things (Myers Briggs, etc.), nothing has been so comprehensive or so indicative of what I feel is my true self. Those things helped me see traits/actions while this helped me see me. It’s hard to describe. The enneagram has helped me understand myself, my habits, and my thought patterns in a more objective way. It has also allowed me to name things I couldn’t in the past and therefor find ways to grow.

Russ along with many of our friends have done it as well which has allowed for a number of rich conversations. Specifically between Russ and I, it has given a deeper understanding of one another in our marriage. Now we laugh and say “Wow, that was really a 4 thing to say.” (That’s my type) or “Okay, you need some 3 time.” (His type) Anyway, I highly recommend it! There are multiple books you can look into. The one I linked is the main one I have used to find my type.

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