One Shoulder Date Night Top – Only $60

March 26, 2018

So I don’t know if you are like Russ and me, but since having Ivy Jean date nights have definitely gotten fewer and are thus more special. You may have noticed that the amount of off the shoulder, one shoulder, and/or cold shoulder tops in my wardrobe have diminished. I love them so much, but they just are not practical. I used to be able to get enough wear out of them to justify buying them more. What you see on the blog are really things I wear in real life, so the blog has evolved some since having sweet Ivy Jean.

All that to say, when we planned our trip to Chicago, you better believe mama wanted to order a top just for date night. Can any of you relate? I wanted something special that I ordered on purpose to wear out with Russ! This one shoulder date night top was just what I had in mind. That being said, I didn’t want to spend too much on it since I am afraid it may not get a ton of use, so I liked the $60 price tag. I would have liked $30 more, but this was too cute to pass up! Plus, I thought it was seasonally appropriate and would be easy to add a coat over for Chicago. I really feel like one shoulder tops are super flattering, and I like them more than off the shoulder. They are easier to keep up!

One Shoulder Date Night Top

We have had so much fun in Chicago! If you have been following along, we have basically been eating our way through the city. I also got to meet Rach and Denise in person which was so much fun! We head back home tonight, and I will be ready. We miss our girl!!

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