Wardrobe Changes + Easy Spring Outfit

March 28, 2018

This easy spring outfit is the type of thing I wear with Ivy Jean a lot on the weekend, for family dinner dates, when I want to feel more put together than a t-shirt, etc. The fact that it doubles as an outfit for casual Friday at work is an added bonus. This cute top ($42) is so fun for spring, and you already know I love these comfy slides (also here). My wardrobe is made up of things like this. It was honestly funny shopping in Chicago. I’d saved money specifically for shopping on the trip since there are so many more stores than in Tulsa, and I didn’t buy much. It just represented the change in my life over the past year an a half that my wardrobe portrays.

Thoughts on Motherhood and Wardrobe Changes

I just need less work pieces since I am in the office less, need less fancy things, more easy to wear casual yet cute things, and machine washable pieces. I hate spending over $50-$60 on a top that might not get worn a ton because it’s too dressy (dry clean) or off the shoulder. The same goes for an amazing pair of heels. In the past, I knew I could wear said top/shoes to either work, church, and/or date nights, so I didn’t mind paying a little more. Even though I still love more eccentric, fashion-forward pieces they just don’t make as much sense for my everyday life. I ended up buying t-shirts, flats, and affordable, easily washable tops. A denim mini is a great example. So trendy right now, and I tried one on in Chicago but didn’t buy. I cannot wear it to work, church, or with Ivy Jean (imagine chasing her in it, lol). We still have fun on the weekends, but I just cannot wear a denim mini or an off the shoulder top like I could in the past.

As I write this post, I am headed home to my precious girl. So much about being a mother has changed me. In the beginning, I resented it a little even though that sounds silly now. I felt like I had lost myself. Thankfully as time has evolved, something in me has changed. I couldn’t love my life more or feel more grateful. My wardrobe definitely feels a little more basic, but if it happened at the cost of gaining the title of Ivy Jean’s mom, I’ll take it. Have you all noticed a change in the blog? I try to stay true to what I am really wearing in real life. If you are a mom or even a mom of older kiddos (or a grandma who was in this stage once), do you relate?

Easy Spring Outfit

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