5 Easy Spring Outfit Combos You Can Wear Now

February 14, 2018

First, Happy Valentine’s Day! Who else is so ready for spring? (Raises hand) This easy neutral spring outfit combo is made up of pieces we probably all have in our wardrobe in some variation: white jeans, a gray top, jean jacket, and neutral ankle boots. I was standing in front of my closet full of clothes trying to think of something fresh to share with you all without having any fresh items. Va la!

It got me thinking about 5 easy spring outfit combos you can wear now. In case you have the same closet problem I do. 😉 These are outfits made up of easy basic pieces we all have in some form that we reach for time and again. I don’t know about you, but here our weather has been varying a lot. As in one day it is highs in the 60s and the next 30s. Booo! I’ll take those 60s please. While some of you may not be able to wear these combinations yet, hopefully these will work for most of us.

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5 Easy Spring Outfit Combos You Can Wear Now

1. White Jeans with a Jean Jacket – the mix of different color denims always feels fun and fresh, and the white is great for spring. The long sleeves I have layered here kept me pretty warm. If you are in a cooler climate, you could always add a warmer layer on top too.

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2. Midi Dress with Jacket and Boots – A great way to transition your dresses is to add a layer on top and pair with warmer shoes. Original post can be found here. My exact floral dress is sold out, but this is the same one in solid. It’s a great dress!! I have it in plain white too.

3. Layer a Cardigan with Jeans – So many color and possible outfit combination here! Original post for this look here, but there are tons of examples on my blog.

4. Pair a Light Sweater with Jeans and Boots – As seen recently here and other example here, a sweater with boots is a great way to transition into spring. Fun ones like this one that have detailing made for spring are even better!

5. Your favorite Jacket with Anything! – I love spring because of all the light jacket options. As detailed in this post, my suede moto, leather jacket, and utility jacket are my three favorites.

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