Why You Need A Berry Colored Lace Midi Dress

August 11, 2017

Why you need a berry colored lace midi dress you might ask? Okay not necessarily berry colored or even this exact one (though I do highly recommend it – great quality for the price). I just happen to think midi dresses are the ultimate wardrobe chameleon, especially when they are slightly dressier like this. It’s easy to add heels like I have done here and wear it to a wedding, wedding shower, fancy birthday party, special dinner date, or other equally dressy occasion.

You can also change the shoes and bag and wear it to church (I did that) or add a jean jacket and more casual shoe and wear it to work (I also did that). For someone who has a baby and doesn’t get out much, this dress has gotten a surprising amount of wear. See, the ultimate wardrobe chameleon. I actually think it’d be pretty fun with sneakers for a more street style look similar to what I did here.

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Why You Need Berry Colored Lace Midi Dress

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