April 30, 2013

My parents were kind enough to let Russ and I stay with them while our wood floors were being finished this past weekend. Here is a list of what we did in no particular order:

  • Read magazines (okay that was Mom and me)
  • Went to Murphy’s in Bartlesville – do yourself a favor and go there
  • Went antiquing/visited some neat local Bartlesville shops
  • Enjoyed cable TV (Thunder, Food Network, etc)
  • Ate more of my mom’s brownies than I care to remember
  • Went to Yocham’s where I scored an awesome table runner and wooden platter
  • Talked Dad and Russ into going to the Gap outlet (win)
  • Ate at Clanton’s (a Diners, Drive-in, and Dives spot- also a win)
  • Went to the farm where Captain had the time of his life
  • Went to church where my mother shared with the whole congregation (a whopping 25 people) during joys/concerns that Russ and I were visiting (a joy not a concern, just to be clear)

All in all, it was a pretty great weekend. Here’s some pictorial evidence.

the famous gravy over all at Murphy’s
pretty pumped to have inherited dad’s old camera
Yochams finds

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